You change when you get to the coast. Time alters, the hours pass more slowly and what seems important shifts and changes. Life takes on different meaning and the horizons that seemed so clear at work, at home, bustling through the city, no longer seem so sharp. This set of work seeks to convey that sense of lost horizons, blurring the definition between the sea and sky; a reflection of the minds eye when it reaches the sea. Taken by putting a camera onto a 3ft slider, and using long exposures the horizontal movement of the camera allows a blurring of the otherwise exacting horizon, so the viewer understands that they are looking at a seascape, but are sent off balance by apparent lack of clarity. The digital signal of the camera also seems to break down, causing blocking and distortion, an interference to the otherwise perfect clarity of such high end cameras, another expression of the deconstructive effects the coast has on the psyche. This series has yet to be released.